The National Airsoft Festival
The Major Airsoft Event of the Year ...
Proudly Present ...

Our fully facilitated site provides a comprehensive selection  of everything you need for the entire event, from food and drink to airsoft parts, new toys and repairs, as well as additional third party stalls and amenities. Here is a run down of what you can expect, in addition to a great game and a great atmosphere.

On-Site Facilities
Warm beer from the floor of your tent or a fresh, crisp cold pint to enjoy...

We uplift from our warehouse and bring a massive range of products to site for the entire weekend. Our shops fill a 4800 sq. ft. marquee!

Browse and buy from a massive selection including pistols and AEG’s, all the usual gas & bb’s, mags, hundreds of accessories, eyewear, jackets, trousers, gloves, vests, camping and surplus gear, torches etc. We bring most items from our range you’re likely to want over the weekend - not just the basics to see you through, but an entire shop stock.

Pre-order anything with us in advance and we’ll reserve it for you and deliver it to the weekender which saves you the postage.

On-Site Bar
Ice Creams
Cold Drinks

We sell a whole range of soft drinks, snacks, chocolate, and cooling ice creams available from very early morning to the time you hit the sack. Perfect during the game, and after. We cater for all tastes and selections are vast, at very good prices. We’ve got it covered, so you don’t have to!

Our very own licensed, on-site bar is available from late afternoon when the game is ending right into the night, so you can have a cracking evening with your mates. After all, that’s what you come for really, right?! We serve a selection of ice cold lagers on tap, as well as cold bottled drinks, whiskey and shots. Prices are cheap, the drink is cold, and the atmosphere is good.

Download the menu from here.

Hot Cooked Food

Perfect for lunch in the middle of your game, nothing quite hit’s the spot like a burger and chips from one of the  ‘meal machines’ on site, or how about a freshly prepared sandwich or baguette, and then straight back out for some more shooting!

If you don’t fancy cooking for yourself in the evening,

pop to one of the food stalls for something to eat - open till late. - Sorted!

For breakfast after a night in the tent, what could be better than a nice hot, mouth watering full english. If you’re not tempted now, you soon will be by the smell drifting across the site!

Download the menu from here.

On-Site Repairs

We’re down in force - our technicians too, just in case the worst should happen and your gun breaks. We’ll repair it in our on-site workshop so you can get back out playing, saving your weekend and some repair postage!

Please don’t bring previously broken items with you to get fixed on site, there just isn’t the time. Sorting people who genuinely have nothing else to use must come first!

Private Team Toilets

If you don’t fancy the idea of taking your morning dump into a shared loo used by hundreds of others for the same thing, we can arrange for your own private throne.

This is a great idea and quite cost effective for team bookings. A private toilet is reserved just for you, and delivered to the side of your camping area by our telehandler shortly after your arrival.

The cost for a private toilet is £120, payable in advance with your booking. All toilet bookings must be confirmed and paid for by 31 July at the latest, as they need to be ordered with our supplier.

Zero One On Location
Evening Live Band
Something for everyone’s taste performed by great local acts.

Late Night Big Screen Projection
Come and chill with us around the fire bins, with food and drink on hand, plenty of seating and the big screen!

Fire Bins & Bar 
with Inside & Outside Seating