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Radio channel 7 is strictly reserved by Ground Zero for our radio network of staff and marshals. For team comms please use channels 1-6.

If there is a situation that you wish to report or an important question you want to ask, please nominate someone in your team with a radio to speak to us on channel 7.

Deliberate disruption or jamming of this channel will lead to you being told to leave for safety reasons.

Each team is given a colour (say Orange, White & Blue). This enables you to identify your enemy.

Each players tags are then numbered with their booking reference. This enables anyone to identify the specific person.

If you want to report a player for cheating, a hot gun, abuse etc. just tell a marshal the players tag number and we’ll pull him back to the safe area for a chat.


All professional airsoft sites have the same basic rules. Most are just common sense, and if you already play airsoft you will know them very well.

We display the basic rules on signs in the safe zone as well as on the disclaimer that you sign if it is your first game at Ground Zero.

What we’ve put up here are our own GZ “quirks” that you may not be familiar with.

Ground Zero Site Rules
Our great team of marshals make GZ friendly and fun.
FPS Limits

Full Auto (AEG/Gas, Pistol & Rifle)                 350fps

Semi Mode Only (AEG/Gas, Pistol & Rifle)    425fps

Bolt Action Sniper Rifle (Spring Rifle Only)    500fps

Anything obscure will fall under the Full Auto category above with a maximum limit of 350fps.

Propellant & Unapproved Devices

The use of propellants other than approved airsoft gas such as propane in gas guns is strictly prohibited. Despite claims it is the same as Green Gas, it isn’t and poses a threat to the users and the people around them. If you are caught using hazardous propellants, you will be asked to leave the site.


The use of pyrotechnics by players is strictly forbidden with the exceptions detailed below. This includes gas  and CO2 devices not specifically specified below.

  1. -Blank Firing Pistols / Rifles

  2. -Dynatec Blank Firing Hand Grenade (9mm Only)

  3. -Mad Bull & Ultraforce Landmines

  4. -40mm Gas Grenades, Spring & Gas Claymores

Camp Fires & BBQ

BBQ’s must be mounted off the ground on their stands, not directly on the grass. Any fire within your BBQ that isn’t for cooking purposes comes under the category of open camp fires. Camp fires will be permitted with the following conditions: Any fire must be above ground level, in a metal container. There will be a designated “fire” camping zone that is out in the open, away from any trees and dry wood. If you want a fire, you must pitch your camp in this area - any fire outside of this zone will be extinguished.


Bins are provided in all dead zones across the gaming area and in various locations in the safe area. Littering is not tolerated and if seen deliberately flouting this simple instruction, you may be asked to leave.

Whilst we have staff working in the safe area where a certain amount of “blow away litter” is expected, it is impossible to keep 150 acres of forest clean. All we ask is that you pocket it until you get shot. A clean forest makes for a more realistic gaming environment.

Player Abuse

Verbal (& physical) abuse is not tolerated at all. We have a 0% tolerance with this type of behaviour. If you loose it, you’re off the site. It’s that simple. GZ is a friendly place and we attract friendly players - we want to keep it that way.

Player Tag Numbers
Bang Kills & CQB Areas

Extreme close-up areas such as inside our village huts, the bunker complex, and in the tunnels are restricted to single shots only. 350fps maximum in these zones  - no exceptions.

“Bang” kills are permitted if you get too close to take a gentlemanly shot (point your gun at the person and say “bang” - you must be unarguably able to shoot them and hit when declaring them dead).