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We'll add to these as they crop up...

Q: What is the minimum age for the weekender?
A: The minimum age to play is 14.
Children and family members are welcome to join you camping whatever the age.
Q: Can I come for just 1 of the days?
A: There are no day passes to this event.
Q: Can I come on my own or do I have to be part of a team?
A: You can do either, as you choose. Being part of a team is not a requirement - go freelance or join up with others.
Q: What is the weekender schedule?
A: Friday
Friday (all day) Booking in and players setting up camp. Stalls open.
1800 hrs Small pistol and shotgun game (for itchy trigger fingers)
1830 hrs Airsoft Action Prize Draw
1900 hrs Live Band (Logan Carter) starts
2100 hrs Zero One Marquee Closes
2300 hrs Live Band (Logan Carter) finishes
0100 hrs Bar Closes

0900 hrs Zero One Marquee Opens (restricted to consumables only before game start)
0915 hrs Players should be leaving the camping area and heading towards the LZ
0930 hrs Players should congregate at The Landing Zone for the main brief. Please do not be late!
1015 hrs Teams start to move off to bases for game start
1030 hrs Main game starts
1045 hrs Zero One Marquee Fully Opens
1045 hrs Zero One Repairs Tent Opens
1700 hrs Main games ends
1800 hrs Live Band (Innocent Bystander) starts
1900 hrs Zero One Marquee Closes before Raffle
1900 hrs Team Scores & Prize Raffle starts
2000 hrs Zero One Marquee Opens after Raffle
2100 hrs Night games start - players will be sent off from the Landing Zone
2100 hrs Zero One Marquee Closes
2230 hrs Live Band (Innocent Bystander) finishes
2230 hrs Film Screening starts on GZTV
0000 hrs Night games end
0100 hrs Bar Closes

0900 hrs Zero One Marquee Opens
1030 hrs Main game continues - no morning brief - head to starting base for game on
1600 hrs Main game ends
1600 hrs Happy Hour at the GZ Bar All Night
1800 hrs Zero One Marquee Closes
1930 hrs Airsoft Pub Quiz
0000 hrs Bar Closes
Q: How far away is the camping site from the parking and game area!
A: You park next to your tent, the game and exhibitors area is between 1 and 5 minutes walk depending on where you setup!
Q: Can I bring a caravan?
A: Yes, but you must use that as your living, sleeping and socialising area. You will not be permitted to pitch a tent or a marquee in addition to your caravan (excluding awning) as it will occupy too much space forcing others to camp further away than necessary.
Q: Can I bring a dog?
A: They are discouraged for several reasons - not least of which being that we can not supervise them whilst you are in the game zone and can't have a whole pack of dogs roaming peoples camping areas!
Q: Iím coming from far away, I can only get flights/ferry that arrive the day before.
A: No arrivals, for whatever reason, are allowed before Friday morning. If you need to arrive in Ringwood before the event is due to start we recommend the following close-by hotels for the night: Travelodge, Premier Inn, The Village, & St Leonards Hotel.
Q: Can I arrange my own portable toilet?
A: No. For everyone's safety on site and so as not to cause excess traffic in the camping arena - particularly large lorries - no outside arrangements can be made.
Q: Are there any showers?
A: I'm afraid there aren't any showers, but feel free to bring your own camping one so long as it doesn't need to be plumbed in.
Q: Are there battery & phone charging facilities?
A: We do offer NiMH & NiCd gun battery charging facilities in the main field however there is always a long queue. If possible please make sure you have enough batteries/charge in them to last you.

We do not offer sockets for phone charging.
Q: What is the deposit price?
A: The deposit price for players is £30. The remainder can then be paid at the event (cash only) or before hand in £5 increments from your booking page.
Q: Are HPA guns allowed at the NAE?
A: Although there will be no gas charging facilities at the NAE for HPA guns, they are permitted, as long as they conform to our normal FPS limits and have the ability to be tournament locked. This applies to ALL HPA guns regardless of make or model and there will be no exclusions. If you do not have the ability to tournament lock the gun, then you will not be able to use it.
Q: Are there camo requirements for the different teams?
A: No, you are free to wear any type of camo/kit you want. We issue coloured bands to identify which team players are on (included in your player pack).
Q: When do I get my player pack?
A: When you get to the event there will be a sign in area where player packs are handed out containing your player tags, team bands, game plan & map.
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